Review: SkinFood Black Sugar Mask (Wash Off)

    Purchased at: I got this it in Korea but you can get it at Sasa or YesStyle

    Price: $12.90 at Sasa or $17.00 YesStyle.  Obviously, I have my preferences ;)

    SKINFOOD Black Sugar Mask Wash Off contains black sugar ingredient, which contains rich minerals, vitamins and glycolic acid, for removing aged cuticles.  It ensures better absorption of the following skin care products. Skin is revitalized and hydrated. Bright and tight skin is resulted.
    A leave-on mask with generous moisturizing and effective exfoliating ingredients. Grainy sugar granules slough off excess oil and grime, while a self-heating formula opens up pores, allowing skin to fully absorb the rich minerals and vitamins.
    Directions: After cleansing, apply the mask to lightly wet face (avoid eye and lip area). Gently press and massage. Leave it for 10-15 minutes and then rinse well with water.

    Suitable for: All skin types. (Though I don't agree, I think those with sensitive skin/acne shouldn't use it).

    Experience: I tried a sample of this and it was a very generous amount, good for 3-4 uses, honestly.  I didn't like how large the sugar grains were, it felt too harsh on my face even though I didn't massage very much.  When I washed off the mask after minimal massaging (not scrubbing), my face felt very clean and there was no residue left.  However, I forgot to put on lotion once after I used it and my face felt very parched.  This isn't really surprising though since it is an exfoliating mask ^_^

    Scent: I thought this would have a sugary sweet scent but it was a lime-soap scent O_o More lime than soap so it smelled quite clean and I liked it - but it startled me a bit.

    Texture: Very large sugar granules!  You should use a very small amount of this with plenty of water or another cleanser.   Those with open lesions or active acne shouldn't use this since it'll be harsh on your face I think.  And I have to add how utterly....feces-like this looks xD

    Contains rich minerals, vitamins and glycolic acid, for removing aged cuticles.  <-- aka remove dead skin? Well, yes it does though it definitely should considering how large the granules are xD
    Skin is revitalized and hydrated. <-- Revitalized, yes.  Hydrated? Not so much though my freshly exfoliated face did soak up moisturizer faster.
    Bright and tight skin is resulted. <-- Yes indeed-y.
    Generous moisturizing and effective exfoliating ingredients. <-- Not so much on the moisturizing, yes to the exfoliating.  
    Grainy sugar granules slough off excess oil and grime. <-- Yep.
    Self-heating formula opens up pores, allowing skin to fully absorb the rich minerals and vitamins. <-- I did not experience any self-heating :\  The Skinfood Black Sesame Seed Hot Mask (which I really like btw) does this really well, this one not so much.
    Overall results: This is a very well-loved mask (MUA Rating: 4.2/5.0), I have come across almost no negative reviews about this product.  As for me I have to say....I wasn't crazy about it ^^;;
    - I liked the lime scent but it might be odd for those expecting something sweeter.
    - Exfoliates decently enough.
    - My skin felt very refreshed and revitalized afterward.
    - No residue left behind, skin feels clean and tight.
    - Very reasonable cost on Sasa.

    - No self-heating effect.
    - Large (possibly harsh) granules. They don't melt over time either I don't think :\
    - Not moisturizing.
    - Tub setup is very unhygienic :P You'll need to use spoon to get this stuff out.
    - Skin will be temporarily red afterward.
    - Looks like poop in the tub ^0^ but on your face it's just fine :)
    Overall, I'd say you could give it a try if you do not have active acne/open lesions on your face.  I personally would not purchase the full size of this - it's not because I think it's a bad product, it's just not for me.  Also I suspect you could get the same results with a DIY brown sugar mask ^^  I'll be sticking to my good ol' SkinJourney Microdermabrasion Scrub, which has much smaller/gentler exfoliating beads and is more moisturizing.

Review: My Beauty Diary Apple Polyphenol Mask

    Purchased at: Sasa

    Price: $12.10/10 masks = $1.21/mask

    My Beauty Diary Apple Polyphenol Mask tightens pores, refines and hydrates skin. 
    Nano mild Hibiscus acid tightens pores: It is a mild Alpha Hydroxy Acid which removes cuticles to prevent and correct large pores. Oil Balancing mask helps tighten pores and improve skin texture, leaving skin fine and radiant. 
    Hydrate skin and restore elasticity: Nanospheres and hyaluronic acid extracted by biological technology boost formation of collagen to restore skin’s elasticity.
    Amazing Nanospheres Technology: Structured with plenty of tiny holes, it enhances absorption of nourishment, leaving skin moisturized.
    Suitable for: It is ideal for all skin types, especially skin with visible pores.

    Experience: Lovely tangy apple scent as soon as I open it.  Mask itself is fine and holds enough serum, though there isn't much serum left over for your neck.  The mask doesn't have a "cooling" effect that I often get with Silk Whitia masks but the serum dries without a residue.  My face always seems smoother, brighter, and more hydrated after use.   Supposedly, this mask has a mild exfoliating effect (must be the AHA) and skin certainly does seem smoother though I don't see anything "peeling" off necessarily.

    Fit: MBD masks fit me well, though they aren't as adjustable as FaceQ masks.

    Scent: A crisp, tangy granny smith apple scent.  Very similar to the TonyMoly Appletox.

    Texture: Quite thin and light. Much thinner than Silk Whitia and a hair thicker than FaceQ.

    Excess serum: While the mask itself is always nicely soaked, I never get as much excess serum from MBD masks as I do from FaceQ and Silk Whitia masks. 

    Nano mild Hibiscus acid tightens pores: It is a mild Alpha Hydroxy Acid which removes cuticles to prevent and correct large pores. <-- Perhaps with long term use pores will get smaller permanently but it does temporarily reduce pore size at least.
    Oil Balancing mask helps tighten pores and improve skin texture, leaving skin fine and radiant. <-- Definitely leaves my skin looking quite radiant. 
    Hydrate skin and restore elasticity: Nanospheres and hyaluronic acid extracted by biological technology boost formation of collagen to restore skin’s elasticity.  <-- My skin does seem temporarily "bouncier" and fuller but I am not sure of long term elasticity improvement.
    Amazing Nanospheres Technology: Structured with plenty of tiny holes, it enhances absorption of nourishment, leaving skin moisturized. <-- I like how this mask leaves my skin moisturized without the slight oily sheen.
    Overall results: I would definitely say this is my favorite sheet mask among all the ones I've tried/reviewed so far.  It has all the traits I'm looking for in a mask: effective, yet gentle, smells great, serum dries without residue, reasonably good fit, and MBD masks are actually the cheapest compared to FaceQ and Silk Whitia masks if you go by per mask cost in boxes of 10.  The only tiny nitpick I have is that I wish it came with more excess serum - however, others say their MBD have come with more than plenty, so maybe it was just my particular boxes?  I'll be ordering 2-3 boxes of MBD so I'll give that one more chance.

    Anyway, I can see why the MBD brand is so popular and the fact MBD has so many sheet mask types to choose from makes the brand only more addictive I must say.   I am fiddling with my next Sasa haul (which includes more sheet masks than I ever though I'd try in my life) and I'm working on compiling a massive ranked list of my favorite sheet masks ^_^  But for now my top 3 favorite sheet masks have been MBD Apple Polyphenol, Skinfood Vita-A Gel Mask (not a 'sheet' but close enough ^_~), and Silk Whitia Soy Milk Whitening Mask (even if I do need to rinse afterward, it smells so damn good and leaves my face quite luminous).

Review: FaceQ Grape Seed-Green Tea Mask

    Purchased at: Sasa

    Price: $12.50/10 masks = $1.25/mask

    Face Q Grape Seed + Green Tea Mask with a unique micro-emulsion technology turns nourishment into micro-emulsion particles that are smaller and easier to penetrate into the skin, improving moisture replenishment. Mask is made from 100% wood pulp with silk, it fit your facial contour perfectly, rapidly infiltrate moisture for the skin, after use your skin with become supple with natural radiance. Formulated with all natural botanical extracts, grape seeds contain powerful proanthocyanidins antioxidant, can prevent the skin from oxidation damage, thus lose luster and flexibility. Grape seed also has synergistic effect with collagen and elastin, making skin a shiny and flexible, and prevent premature wrinkles and skin spots.
    Suitable for: All skin types/mature skin.

    Experience: I love the delicate grape aroma.  I really prefer this mask to the FaceQ Red Pomegranate + CoQ10 mask.  This one seems much gentler (perhaps since it's for mature skin?).  However, the results aren't ask gratifying as what I get from Silk Whitia Soy Milk and the MBD Apple Polyphenol masks.  While this mask does calm and soothe redness on my face, my face just doesn't seem as radiant :\  Also it's not as hydrating as other masks I've tried, though it certainly isn't drying.  

    Fit: FaceQ masks are the most adjustable and fit the best compared to MBD to Silk Whitia.

    Scent: A delicate grape scent. Very pleasing :)

    Mask texture: The thinnest mask compared to MBD and Silk Whitia, very fine and paper-like.

    Excess serum: Plenty for your neck and arms.  I get a good handful or two of extra serum each time. Like MBD, FaceQ serums do not need to be washed off and dry cleanly without any residue.

    • Hyaluronic Acid: Ample moisture replenishment. <-- It's not that moisturizing, but not drying either.
    • Grape Seed extract, Vitamin C and Bio-White: Calm and whitening effect <-- Does temporarily calm skin and take down redness.
    • Green Tea Extract and Japanese wasabi extract: Minimize pores and smooths skin. <-- Minimizes pores temporarily but I dunno about "smooths skin."  My skin doesn't seem plumper or anything.
    Overall Results: I have no complaints about this mask - smells great, fits well, and works.  However, it just doesn't seem as effective as other masks I've tried.  I don't have much to say about this mask because it's so....mediocre in a way.  It does it's job and exactly that.  No disappointments, but no amazing results either.  However, it truly is a very gentle mask and I do recommend this to those with sensitive skin.  Also, this is a very reasonably priced mask and comes with lots of excess serum to use.  I will happily finish this box, but I do not think I will be re-purchasing simply because it doesn't amaze me. 

Review: Silk Whitia Anti-Oxidation Whitening Mask

    Purchased at: Sasa

    Price: Normally, it's $16.60 for 5 masks but till 1/31/2011, you get 1 box FREE ^_^ (so now is the time to buy Silk Whitia masks yo). Thus I paid $16.60/10masks = $1.66/mask.  Fyi, I always spend $75+ on Sasa to get free shipping.

    Silk Whitia Anti-Oxidation Whitening Mask contains a rich content of Vitamin C and highly effective anti-oxidant ginseng extracted that turn dull skin bright. The whitening essence works effectively on the skin, lightening dark spots and producing a radiant appearance.
    Suitable for: All skin types.

    Experience: The mask is dripping with serum, you need to be over sink or you'll get droplets everywhere.  I've used about 10 Silk Whitia masks and they all come dripping with handfuls of excess serum.  This mask smelled strongly of dishwashing soap -_- It was immediately off-putting, but I got used to it quickly.  As with all Silk Whitia masks, this one leaves about 1/2 inch of my forehead bare eheh but this doesn't bother me since I do not have scars/acne on my forehead.  Since the mask is very thick it takes awhile to dry ^_^

    Despite the dishwasher scent, this mask is very effective imho.  While this is on my face, my face seems to "cool down" a lot - I suspect this is mainly from the fact the mask is simply drenched in serum but whatever, it really does temporarily bring down the redness of scars.  My face feels very refreshed and my face is truly luminous and hydrated after I take it off.  Downside is, once again, the serum leaves a crust so my face must be rinsed or wiped down with toner afterward. However, I cannot say this is a flaw with the formula since the directions explicitly states to "rinse face with water."  *lazy*

    Fit: May not cover those with big foreheads (like me ^_~) very well.  Otherwise fits decently on me, though it is the least adjustable mask compared to MBD and FaceQ because there are no slits on the sides.

    Scent: Legit smells like dish-washing soap.   The scent surprised me because I expected it to be more Vitamin C-ish.

    Mask Texture: Soft mask, very thick, holds lots of serum.

    Excess serum: I always have a ton of excess serum with Silk Whitia masks, usually 1-2 handfuls I kid you not).  Downside is, like the Silk Whitia Soy Milk Whitening Mask, the serum of this one leaves a crust anywhere that wasn't covered with the mask and must be rinsed after mask removal.  But like I said, it's not "flaw" in Silk Whitia's formula since it's stated in the directions that it needs to be rinsed.

    Brighten dull skin <-- Yes, but almost every mask does this, at least temporarily.
    Lighten dark spots <-- It lightens scars temporarily but as for long term lightening? I dunno. So far, I don't think so.
    Produce a radiant appearance <-- Yes, my face seems very luminous afterward, very full and smooth.
    Overall Results: I picked this up after fuzkittie's rave reviews ^_^  I believe she stated that this was her favorite Silk Whitia mask, along with the Silk Whitia Soy Milk.   On both counts I will agree that both of these masks are highly effective, though I prefer the Soy Milk mask (it smells a lot better and seems oddly gentler).   The plentiful excess serum is also a nice bonus since Silk Whitia masks are quite expensive compared to FaceQ and My Beauty Diary masks.   This mask did make my face seem more luminous and feel very clean/refreshed, but I think the Soy Milk is more hydrating and seems to make my face a wee bit more luminous (tho I admit that could just be in my head).  However, I will not be re-purchasing this fairly expensive mask because I do not like the scent and the mask isn't so effective I am willing to both put up with the scent, price, and rinse my face afterward.  I feel that there are plenty of other masks out there that suit my laziness and have a much more pleasant aroma.

    That said, I will be continuing to try more Silk Whitia masks and will probably re-purchase the Silk Whitia Soy Milk mask, which I adore in every way (except the rinsing part), so I am willing to put up with the crust residue and price.  Overall, Silk Whitia masks seem quite effective and are well-made.  But I will say at this point, after trying a number of FaceQ, Silk Whitia, and MBD masks, so far MBD masks are my overall favorite.

Review: My Beauty Diary Red Vine Mask

    I am crazy behind on sheet mask reviews ;_; I'm going to try to crank all of 'em out before January is up eheh ^^

    Purchased at: Sasa

    Price: $12.10/10 masks = $1.21/mask

    My Beauty Diary NATURAL KEY LINE Red Vine Mask whitens, tightens skin and fights against oxidization.
    Antioxidant: contains polyphenols in Flavonoid serves as an effective antioxidant to fight against free radicals and suppress the formation of collagen dissolvent, keeping skin elastic.
    Convergent skin and boost circulation: Anthocyans and tannins boost circulation and convergent skin, leaving skin white and tight with natural blush.
    Amazing Nanospheres Technology: Structured with plenty of tiny holes, it enhances absorption of nourishment, leaving skin moisturized.
    Suitable for: It is ideal for all skin types, especially loose and dull skin.

    Experience: I immediately smelled wine when I opened the mask. Mask was nicely drenched but being a cheapskate, I was sad that there wasn't enough serum to put on my neck too.  That said, the MBD serums are excellent - they dry perfectly!  No crust like Silk Whitia or irritation that I got from the FaceQ Red Pomegranate+CoQ10 mask.  One bad thing - once I got a weird rash just under my eyes (aka on my eye bags) after I used it but I can't figure out of it was this mask or something else.  Either way, I've continued to use this mask and haven't had any problems again.  But I will say that I infinitely prefer the MBD Apple Polyphenol mask.

    Fit: Pretty good. It has fewer slits than the FaceQ masks but it fits well enough.  Much better fit than Silk Whitia masks.  I'll be doing a FaceQ vs MBD vs Silk Whitia mask comparison once I'm done doing all the individual mask reviews :}

    Scent: It reeks of alcohol.  Doesn't bother me ehehe but holy balls it smells like a frat party in a mask - cranberry juice + vodka is what comes to mind.  People may find it a repelling scent but some may love it ;)

    Texture: Paper-like, very thin.  It's basically thinner than Silk Whitia masks but a hair thicker than FaceQ masks. 

    Excess serum: Compared to Silk Whitia (drenched) and FaceQ (drenched), MBD doesn't have a lot excess serum.  Don't worry, the mask itself is plenty wet, but I usually don't any extra serum to put on my neck.   Fyi, I've used about 7-8 MBD masks so far and none of them have had as much serum as Silk Whitia or FaceQ masks.

    Antioxidant: contains polyphenols in Flavonoid serves as an effective antioxidant to fight against free radicals and suppress the formation of collagen dissolvent, keeping skin elastic. <-- Yes, my skin seemed more elastic-y.
    Convergent skin and boost circulation: Anthocyans and tannins boost circulation and convergent skin, leaving skin white and tight with natural blush. <-- My skin did seem whiter; it took a lot of redness from scars away temporarily, but I dunno about a natural blush.
    Amazing Nanospheres Technology: Structured with plenty of tiny holes, it enhances absorption of nourishment, leaving skin moisturized. <-- Yes, this was quite moisturizing.
    It is ideal for all skin types, especially loose and dull skin.  <-- I would say there was a bit of firming up going on, my skin definitely felt plumper and more hydrated.  And yes to the skin brightening too.
    Overall Results: Other than that odd rash under my eyes I got once (aka the most sensitive part of a face), this mask has been working fine. I usually fall asleep with sheet masks on (more cheapness) and the next day my face was plushy, very smooth, and white.   And let me throw in a bit of info about products that claim to 'whiten' (at least in Korea): "whitening" means that it's trying to lighten/whiten scars and hyper-pigmentation - not make your natural skin color whiter (though the reduction of hyperpigmentation may make your skin seem lighter).  The goal of Korean (and I suspect most Asian) "whitening" products are to even out skin tone via lightening/whitening unnatural hyper-pigmentation aka darker skin that was caused by sunburns and acne.  Somehow, along the way whitening products have become misinterpreted (understandably so) as products that make you lighter than your original skin color. In other words, the vast majority of whitening products (at least the Korean ones) may take a NC20 person who has tanned the hell out of her skin back to original skin color but will NOT take a NC30 to a NC20 if your are a natural NC30 without a tan. I'll talk more about this another day.  There was a shininess you can either take as oiliness or luminosity - I think it's both - my face was very moisturized.  Make no mistake, this is a decent mask but I don't feel this is the most "effective" mask I've used.  Overall, I'm going to finish the box but I will not re-purchase.  I also much prefer the MBD Apple Polyphenol Mask *heart*

Beauty(InsideOut) Giveaway numero uno!

    Giveaway closes: FEB 28, 2011 @ 11:59pm EST. Winner will be announced in March Giveaway video.
    Prize for this month: Original Urban Decay Naked palette with the double-ended pencil.

    1.) Subscribe to Habitat for Humanity YT Channel:
    2.) If under 18, please ask your parents permission since you will need to use a credit or debit card to donate. everything is in USD. No international debit cards.
    3.) Donate at least $5.00 USD to FirstGiving page here Open WORLDWIDE so long that you have made a donation.

    Donating Directions
    1.) Go to the FirstGiving page I've set up:
    2.) Enter a donation amount of $5+ USD. Please to consider covering the small fee as well (it's only .77 for a $10 donation).
    3.) In Display name enter your YouTube username EXACTLY.
    4.) Enter credit card info.
    5.) Done :)

    Please do consider donating to Love146 (ending sex slavery & human trafficking) via Missglamorazzi's channel.
    Missglamorazzi's Juicy Couture Giveaways (Supports Love146):

    Donating directly to Habitat:
    Charity Navigator Rating: Excellent,
    Hi peeps :D It's Friday (thank goodness ahah)!  I've planning this for quite awhile so I am happy that it is finally up ^_^   so if you have time please check the video out ;) In a nutshell, I'll be giving away some of my favorite beauty products to one of the peeps who donated to Habitat for Humanity every month till the end of June 2011.   For this month, the prize is the original UD Naked palette (the one with the double ended pencil) + China Glaze Re-fresh Mint and Zoya Gaia polish.   Unfortunately, the UD palette did come with two little fingerprint smudges (a la the Sephora/UD controversy tho it looks like Sephora has been deleting angry comments -_-), but as you can see in the video, the smudges are very small.  

    I plan on hosting these monthly giveaways for nonprofits indefinitely, it's just a nice way to mix charity work + sharing some of my favorite goods ;)   And I am also squeaking together another "non-donating" giveaway and I'll have it up soon :)  But yeah, in the meantime, look into volunteering at your area's local Habitat!  If you don't want to work outdoors, you can volunteer at Habitat Re-stores too, they are basically Habitat-owned shops where they sell refurbished sinks, cabinets (basically Home Depot stuff) for very low prices.

    Or if you're a college student and can't volunteer regularly, consider joining a Global Village team!  You do have to pay out of pocket (plane fare + team fee ($100-200 covers food, group expenses) + spending money), but it's not bad considering room & board is free, you get to travel to a lot non-touristy areas, and be in a safe group environment.  The most expensive thing is the plane ticket, honestly.  You can fundraise and ask for donations; I ended up only paying only ~$1500 of the $3000 it cost to go to Zambia (and that covered EVERYTHING including some of the most gorgeous 6ftx6ft paintings I bought from a local artisan) and all I had to do was go around to my dad's friends with a donation letter ^^;;   Africa is the most "expensive" of overseas destinations, if you're on a budget, South America is significantly cheaper.   The GV application process is fairly simple, but a lot depends on the team leaders.  There is a mini-interview when you apply for a team but it's really just so YOU get to know what kind of person the team leader is :}   If you have any questions about Global Village, just let me know.

    Have a good weekend everyone!

Raindance Makeup Tutorial + Raincloud Earrings + Blueberry Kitkats!

    This is a blue post: blue rain drops, blue eye makeup, blueberry kitkats~ I must confess that I am not sure if this qualifies as a "wearable" look tho... it looks more like a 'snow' look rather than a 'rain' look...rats. Oh well.  I'm still rather fond of the colors I used here, I have such a weakness for blues and greens ^_^

    Products Used:
    Missha Color Stick Eyes in WH01
    Maybelline Quad in Charcoal Smokes
    Daiso Shine Eyes palette in Blue
    Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Pencil in Flipside
    Koji Dolly Wink Liquid Liner in Black
    Maybelline The Falsies in Black
    R&R Blush in Foreplay
    Tutti Dolci Lipgloss in Lemon Meringue (smells SO good)

    On Face:
    Skinfood Mushroom BBcream in Shade 1
    Benefit Boi-ing Concealer in Shade 2

    On Nails:
    Zoya Ibiza
    Nubar 2010

    I'm not sure where you can buy the Daiso Shine Eyes palette I'm using here.  I suspect that the palette I'm using is the same as this, just arranged differently and with a different name.  The color swatches look exactly the same.  Anyway, I really do recommend this palette - so pigmented!  The down side is that my whole palette shattered (in case you couldn't tell ^^) and it's constantly shedding powder everywhere -_- And I'll just say now that I am obsessed with the Maybelline Quads - I bought two more >_< - but they were on sale at Walmart for $4-5 :D! so now I have five total and dare I say I like them more than the UD Naked palette *cough* Don't ask me why ^^;; I just do.

    My beloved grey knit cap is turning a faded green from many washings :\ As for why I'm wearing a scarf so weird...I'll let you in on a little secret - I was wearing PJs (it was the weekend!) so I covered up my top with a scarf ^_^  Here tis a closeup:

    I have a little errant tail of blue eyeliner on the center of the lid xD! But I'm more annoyed with my eyelid...I don't understand how I line my lashes right along my lashline yet when I open my eyes, I look like I put too much eyeliner on towards the outer half. Argh!?   Much like Rimmel Airy Fairy turning a hideous shade of purple on me, this remains a mystery to me :\

    Anyway, I just adore these Raincloud earrings, the more I wear them, the more I fall in love ^_^  I always get compliments on them and they're so comfortable!   I knew I didn't regret getting them the second they came out of the box, the molten look of the clouds just totally makes it for me.  And of course...candy.

    The one of the left was a delicious sweet green tea flavored caramel (I think).  As for the one on the right, Steph warned me it that the coating was really bitter (like real matcha). It was ^_^ at first I was like wtf O_O, but then once the bitter coating melted away, it made sweetness of the chewy center was that much better.  Overall, definitely a good candy. I appreciate how real matcha powder was used and the overall effect of the candy is authentic and not cloyingly sweet.  Very memorable!  It's a real pity that I haven't seen either of these at Asian markets around me :(

    I was so thrilled to try the blueberry Kitkat! I've chatted about the greatness that is Japanese KitKats before, so trying another flavor was *heaven*.  The coating was milk chocolate with a mild blueberry filling between the wafers.  I kinda wish the blueberry flavor was stronger (I adore blueberries), but I still enjoyed this kitkat quite a bit. I ate it all too fast :(  Since blueberry is such a mild, delicate flavor, I think it would've been better to coat this in white chocolate with blueberry bits (and a bit of blueberry flavoring ^_^).  I think it'd be so pretty!  A white chocolate bar with flecks of blue :D like blueberry and cream~

    Anyway, that's all for now!

Review: Rimmel Airy Fairy lipstick

    Or officially, the Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick, 070 Airy Fairy.   Honestly, my lips (or rather, my skin tone) are so weird sometimes.  Rimmel's Airy Fairy is one of the most raved about lipsticks - it's supposedly one of the most universally flattering lipcolors out there and with a lot of Asians standing behind it (I say this as in: since they're Asian and I'm Asian, I assume colors they like will probably be flattering on me too), I finally went out and bought it.  Unfortunately, it's one of the most unflattering lipcolors I've had the misfortune to try.  It ranks right up there with NYX Thalia and NYX Rea in terms of hideous-ness on me :\ I didn't swatch it on my lips (forgot) but as you can see on my hand, somehow the muted coral pink turns a bruised blue-purple on my skin -_-    

    Pigmentation: Pretty good.  Buildable too.
    Long-lasting? Not really. Won't last a meal, lasts 3-4 hours alone.
    Finish: A slight creamy finish.  Nice, modest shine.
    Texture: Creamy and smooth. Applies evenly.
    Scent: A mild artificial candy scent. Not bad as drugstore lipsticks go, quite tolerable.
    Taste: Yuck. Tastes like plastic.
    Packaging: I'm not crazy about the crown embedded in the cap, but overall it looks modest and practical.   Sturdy enough.
    Cost: $5-6 @ Walmart.
    Overall: Doesn't sink into to fine lines and it's not drying (though it's not moisturizing either).  Obviously, I'd never buy it again though b/c of the the color on me :\

    I don't particularly blame the lipstick as much as myself ahah but it does tell me that my skintone must be somehow quite different from Xteeener, Frmheadtotoe, and Rainy Days & Lattes :(  cuz on me it looks NOTHING like what it looks like on them (they get a pink-gold finish).   It got a 4.0/5.0 on Makeup Alley too, so I'm clearly in the minority when it comes this lipstick *sigh* however, if you look at the low ratings, there are some that say that it turns grey/purple on them too.  This seems to happen to both warm and cool-toned people so I can't really pinpoint why exactly...  If you know, please enlighten me!

    Anyway, I returned this puppy since I don't see it working out for me (ever) and if anybody else has had this purple-lips experience with this lipstick too - let me know! We may be skin undertone twins ^_^!

    UPDATE...perhaps an answer to the mystery:

    My lips are pretty damn dark (plum-red to bright pink, though I'm a NC25) so maybe that's why Airy Fairy is so purple-y on me whereas I love peachy orange-corals like NYX Pumpkin Pie?

Puccho Kajitsu King Candy + Otano no topo (Creme Brulee) + Award

    Nothing like spending a leisurely Sunday eating sweets, watching My Fair Wedding reruns, and surfing the internet.  Love it ^_^

    Let me introduce you to one of the most interesting candy I've eaten in awhile - Puccho Kajitsu King candy.  The bag makes me chuckle ^^ It's pretty off the wall even considering the Asian love of kooky packaging~ 

    It has real chunks of dried strawberry and pineapple in it and is made by the same company who makes Hi-Chew, so the white part has a similar (if not identical) flavor and consistency.

    I really dig how they used real bits of fruit in the candy, which you can really taste since the white part doesn't really taste like much - it tastes (and looks) exactly the same as the white coating on the Hi-chew candies.  There is a definite pineapple flavor, more than strawberry, which is understandable since it's naturally a stronger flavor. Since there's fruit the texture of the candy is pretty odd...dried fruit + chewy candy but it's not unpleasant. 

    This is definitely one of the more unique candies I've ever eaten and it's my brother's favorite Asian candy - and that's saying something since he always tries every piece of candy I buy (usually behind my back -____-).  ahhah and it is certainly a must try :}

    Otona no topo is a kind of bastardized Pocky ^_^ all the coating is on the inside~

    Each box came with two packets :} The hollow tubes are coated on the inside with a (really) sweet creme brulee flavored cream, but it lacked the subtly of real creme brulee so I actually didn't like this too much :\  The cracker part was oddly...salty?  and that made the cream even sweeter.  I prefer the "real" Pocky ^_^  You won't be missing out on much if you don't try this I think.

    Also, this is much belated post but Elisa of Memorable Days was kind enough to tag me for this awhile back :)

    I tried valiantly to not tag people who have been tagged before by me so here goes to my more recent discoveries (or those I hadn't gotten to tagging till now) who have impressed me with their well-rounded posts and lovely personalities:

    1. Dina (XYYan)
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    7. Beauty & Gardens
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    9. The Little Dust Princess
    10. The Pioneer Woman - this isn't a "beauty" blog but who doesn't know this lady?!   She takes lovely landscape and food photos for one thing and just about the only person I can think of who talks so much about cows xD   She's really catapulted to fame via her blog - she's been on Food Network, published a cook book, is writing another book (a love story) and apparently it's being made into a movie with Reese Witherspoon in it O_O  And her photographs...*_*!
    11. Musings of an Offbeat Biped
    12. eyeseeyouuu - circle lens and her pencil sketches O_O
    13. Cosmeddicted
    14. BethLovesApple
    15. Buhay sa Korea - Filipino living in Seoul.  One of the few strictly personal blogs I read ^_^

    FYI: I tagged a lot of people in previous award tags but I'm really bad with going around and 'alerting' people ^_^ So, please - if you have time, please mosey on over through my old award tags cuz I prolly tagged you and didn't tell you :P

    I hope everyone's having a wonderful weekend!

Review: Lioele Lip products + Nail Polishes

    I did a little hauling right after Christmas and picked up some Lioele products - I'm on a nail polish and lipstick kick right now since I'm pretty satisfied with my skin routine.

    These are some of the newer products on Pretty & Cute and there haven't been any English reviews about them as far as I can see, so I was pretty eager to try these out.  One thing I like about reviewing nail polishes and l/s is that I don't have to use them for several weeks to know whether they work well or not - a nice change from reviewing skincare stuff ^_^  All products in this review were purchased at Pretty & Cute during their New Years 15% off sale.

    Lioele Lip Color Sticks

    Starting with the worst of the batch....the Orange Lip Color Stick.  It looked so pretty on the promotional picture I got swayed into buying it even though it was orange.  I like orange-coral tinted l/s anyway so this was actually my most anticipated item...phail >_>  And just let me say that am PISSED at how utterly misleading all the promo pics are....they look nothing like the promo pics in real life.

    Lioele Lip Color Stick in Orange #2
    Color: A very not-subtle, crayon orange.  It would be nice to draw with. On paper. Maybe it's just my lips but I don't see this working on me. Ever.
    Finish: In the promo pics, obviously the intention was creamy. Well, it's more like a bold...crayon. It's a very flat orange with almost no shine.
    Lasting power? Poor. You can essentially wipe it away with a napkin. It won't last a meal.
    Moisturizing? ....maybe.  It didn't last long enough on my lips for me to be able to tell.
    Fine lines? Sinks into every fine line it can find.
    Packaging: Cute, cap stays on well. Nothing to write home about though.
    Cost/worth: $9.99 but I got it for less during P&C's 15% off sale.  Not worth it. I feel ripped off.

    Overall: Do not buy. No redeeming factors.

    I think I switched the labels between Flash and No Flash on the lip samples.

    I KNEW I should only get 1 product at a time when it comes to trying things out but...I dunno, I just was so sucked in by the beautiful promo pics. 

    Lioele Lip Color Stick in Strawberry #3
    Color: A milky pink color.  It's not bad actually.  Has a slight silvery shimmer.
    Finish: ...Creamy, I'd say.
    Lasting power?  Not so good. Wears away fast.
    Moisturizing? Yes, actually, due to the creaminess.
    Fine lines? Does sink into fine lines, though not as badly as the orange.
    Packaging: Nothing great.
    Cost/worth: Color is nice, but that's it. Maybe I'd buy it for $1-2. It's not a bad color per se but it's so dupable and the formula is not very good :\ I wouldn't buy this again.

    Overall: It's not as bad as the orange but that's not saying much.  This lip color photographs well (seriously, it looks so much better in the picture), but it's really nothing special.  I don't recommend this.

    Overall, I don't recommend ANY the Lioele Lip Color Sticks to anybody.  If 2 of the 4 colors were this bad, I have no wish to get near the other two.  A huge disappointment and a waste.  I can't fathom a single instance I would be able to use these, especially the atrocious orange one.  The pink one....maybe as a base.  The only good thing I have to say is that it's kind of fun coloring in your lips ^_^ The pencil shape actually allows you to control the color very well.  I wish they made these with a better formula and more colors - now that'd be something worth trying.

    Lioele Real Glam Moisture Lip in #2 Raspberry Pink

    Another new lipstick P&C just brought in.  One thing that really stands out to me is the fantastic packaging, but I'll get into that more later.

    Link: Lioele Real Glam Moisture Lipstick

    Lioele Real Glam Moisture Lip in #2 Raspberry Pink 
    (not Red, it's a typo on P&C) - upper right corner

    Link: Lioele Real Glam Moisture Lipstick

    Color: A kind of dusty pink with purple undertones. No gray undertones thank goodness.  I look hideous in purple/gray undertoned lipsticks but this had an odd sort of vibrant purple undertone that didn't make me look dead. Promo pic is pretty accurate, though it's more vibrant and glossier than it is in real life.

    Finish: Right between creamy and matte. It looks bad with flash but it's actually not bad at all.  The lip color in the promo pic is actually quite accurate, though in real life, the finish isn't as glossy. I'm sure the model has a touch of lip gloss on ^^  The perfectly balanced finish between creamy an matte is one of the best characteristics of this l/s.

    Lasting power? Not great, but not terrible.  Fades while eating, but leaves a stain on lips.

    Moisturizing? Yes it is! Prolly due to the creamy texture.

    Fine lines? Sinks into fine lines like a madwoman. This is my least favorite aspect of this lipstick.  Over time it gets better though, since this is a moisturizing lipstick.  But if you put this over dry lips, it will look...awful.

    Packaging: AWESOME.  I was shocked by the expensive heft of this product.  If you hold it in your hand you'll know what I mean.  It just feels expensive. The tube is brushed metal and the pink inner tube is a mirrored pink with a Lioele logo stamped on it. Hands down some of the best packaging I've seen on a non-luxury product.  The "Real Glam Moisture Lipstick" stamped on the side isn't that bad either.

    Cost/worth: Tis $11 right now though I got it for a bit less.  It's not a bad product and with the excellent packaging I guess it's a fair price, but only if you need that particular color.  Honestly, I could live without this l/s since I have many pink lipsticks and I think this is kind of a dupe-able shade.  The best thing about this is the packaging and how the finish is the perfect balance between creamy and matte.    I don't regret buying this, but I wouldn't buy another. 

    Overall: Try this if you really want a particular color but I wouldn't say that this is a must have.  There is a tiny color selection (4) and I don't find the colors to be very unique, but the lovely packaging and decent quality doesn't make it a waste of money.  The shades do seem to be very wearable though...  Personally, I wouldn't purchase these again, but I encourage people to give this a try if you see a color you like.  Since the promo pics are pretty accurate (thank god), you should at least end up with a decent color.

    If you don't want to risk it, you might want to try your luck with the next two lemmings I have on my Lioele-Stuff-To-Buy List: the Lioele Dollish Lipstick or Lioele Real Vivid Matte Lipstick.  I haven't tried them myself, but I've recently come across promising reviews (on Korean websites) and the color selection is much wider. 

    Lioele Ice Cream Nail Color in #5 Pretty Pink
    P&C has this polish labeled as "Princess Nail Color" but the actual promo pics say "2010 Design, Ice Cream Nail Color" so I will go with that.  Both are pretty apt descriptions of the rich pastel colors anyway.  I exercised a bit of wise caution (unlike when I picked up Lip Color Sticks) and only purchased 1 bottle in the most "safe" shade. I'm happy to report that the promo pics are accurate to real life.

    Link: Lioele Princess Nail Color

    Color: A pure, unadulterated, creamy baby pink with a cool blue undertone.  My personal nail shot is a bit too yellow and dark. The actual color is pretty close to the promo pic :) Yah for accurate promo pics!

    Application: Very prone to streaking. As you can see, I keep my nails pretty short (the better to type with eheh) and this is what one coat looks like.  And it beats me why my fingers are so...dry... xD

    I admit I was a bit terrified when I saw how streaky it looked at first, but with each coat it went away.  It was bit of an adventure applying this because the brush is uniquely flat (see above). This is good in that it coats a lot of nail at once. But it's bad because the bristles on the end of mine fanned out a bit much and made control/precision work difficult.  Formula is a little runnier (and much worse) than Zoya.  But seriously, it's applying nail polish, not rocket's not terrible, you just need a steadier hand.

    Finished Look: Cute! Kawaii!  This very much reminds me of the Dolly Wink brand and all things hime.  A true pastel pink!

    Formula: Like I said, much runnier than Zoya.  It's prone to streaking and drying time is a little longer than Zoya. You MUST be patient applying this polish because if you try to apply another coat over a wet polish, the polish balls up irreparably and you need to start all over. It's a very unforgiving nail polish - if you mess up, it'll show through all the layers.  I guess that's where "professional lacquers" and non-pro polishes are different, the pro quality lacquers tend to dry flat and smooth even when you mess up.

    # of Coats: 3 to achieve a completely opaque look.  Minimum 2 coats required.

    Staying Power: Decent.  I removed it after  though to try out another color but by then, it'd only chipped a bit at the edges. Not bad really.

    Packaging/Brush: Packaging is cute, love the curved cap.  The brush is the most interesting, flat and fluffy.  It takes some getting used to and it's not a very precise brush, but the flat wideness does cover a lot at once.

    Overall: I am quite pleased. I think the color is just exquisitely and perfectly pastel pink. So feminine and girly (so unlike me haaha).   I confess I would love to eventually pick up the whole range but seriously, what would I do with six pastel polishes -_-;;;?  Next time I would love to get the green, blue and yellow. Can you tell I dig unusual colors ^_^?

    I would recommend these to polish collectors since I found this color to be so pleasantly pink and fun.  Those I do NOT recommend this to are those who want a easy-to-apply polish since this does take a bit of work to use.  Also the formula leaves something to be desired (dries slowly and is streaky) so I don't think this would be a good "first polish" for first-time nail polish users.  But for me, yes, I would buy a couple more if time and money allow it.  These would be great for Easter and spring fashion (pastels will be all the rage in Spring 2011 ^_^)!

    LT: Un-rubbed.   RT: Residue.

    Lioele Aroma Soft Peeling Gel
    ...the title of this product is a classic example of the Korean love of descriptors >_>   Also, I only got to use this 2x so take this review with a grain of salt.

    Link: Lioele Aroma Soft Peeling Gel

    Scent: Very pleasant, delicate floral-fruit scent.

    This product is very much like the Skinfood Pineapple Peeling Gel or TonyMoly Appletox Massage Cream.  All are gentle lotion-y exfoliators.  The Lioele looks like the Skinfood Pineapple (duh, both are gels) but more liquid-y.  This is an VERY gentle exfoliator so this would be good for those with sensitive skin.  To me it was...too gentle.  I could see only minimal improvement (skin brightened temporaily) and tbh it's expensive - $17.99 and my favorite TM Appletox in $12 on Sasa :\ I'd personally never buy the full size, but that said it left no irritations or adverse effects.  It was quite simply not as effective as I would like.  Since I only used it twice, I can't recommend whether one should buy this, but I personally won't be.

    Lioele AC Control Trouble Patch VS The Face Shop Spot Intensive Patch review is here.

Review: Acne Patch Comparison (Lioele VS The Face Shop)

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